I Am A Caregiver

If you find yourself asking if you are a caregiver, then chances are high that you are. This is because most of the people who tend to provide this kind of care do not identify themselves as caregivers. You may be wondering why this is the case. Well, you may either be a caregiver to a spouse, a partner, a family member, your parent, a neighbor or a friend. The bottom line is that you are going to be providing them with the needed assistance with any of their daily duties and tasks. 

Many people tend to think that caregivers are individuals who are trained and also paid so that they can be able to provide care for different patients who may be having a number of issues. When it comes to family caregivers, these are people who have chosen to offer an unpaid care for either a friend, a family member or a neighbor. They may choose to this at their own time as they still keep on managing all of their priorities in regards to their personal life, their home or even on matters related to their work. 

Caregiver Family

You can be able to say “I am a caregiver (family) if you do the following:

  • If you are the daughter or son, who cleans and cooks for your parents in their home.
  • If you are the person who drives an elderly loved on, neighbor or friend to a doctor’s appointment
  • You are the person who bathes a partner or a spouse and even dresses them.
  • You are the daughter or son who lives away from your parents. But you are still able to call in on a regular basis. So that you can be able to arrange for their care.
  • You are the one who looks after the safety of someone in the family who cannot fend for themselves. And you are also the same person who ensures that they are taking their medication correctly.

All the people who have been mentioned above plus many others are considered to be family caregivers. As mentioned earlier, you may choose to be a caregiver to either a parent. A spouse or partner, a friend, a family member or even a neighbor.

Family Caregiver

Most people may require the help of a family caregiver because of different medical conditions. They may be suffering from, their age, disability, injury, a decline in their health or illness. There are times when they may ask you for your help even though in many cases. It may be up to you to be able to recognize that there is someone in your life. Who could need your help. 

Family caregivers come from all different parts of life since caring for other people. And others are something that is considered to be a natural part of life. A good family caregiver can be able to provide different varying levels of care. And all these may end up having a positive effect on the person who is given the care to. 

Can One Be Paid To Be A Family Caregiver?

This is one of the most common questions that most people may have especially. If you are thinking of becoming a full-time family caregiver. However, for you to be paid as a family caregiver, there are certain qualifiers that you may need to meet.

  • My husband or wife does not feel comfortable having a stranger near them
  • I am not trying to be a greedy person. But a quit my job so that I can be able to take care of my dad or mom.
  • My insurance coverage is going to pay for someone to take care of my disabled loved one. And I am a trained medical assistant who can be able to do this.

Many family caregivers tend to spend a considerable amount of money including their savings. So that they can be able to take proper care of their loved ones. There are cases whereby a family caregiver may take unpaid leave or in some cases have to quit their jobs. So that they can be able to take care of the family member who needs them.

For those family members who have to quit their jobs. They are not only going to lose their source of income. But they are also going to lose out. On other things like a pension plan, a retirement plan, a paycheck. And also the social security benefits that tend to come with employment. Family caregivers have been found to be saving government agencies and insurance companies a lot of money since they are the ones who are providing the care instead of them.

To Be Fair, Shouldn’t These Caregivers Be Compensated Or Paid In A Way?

Unfortunately, there are only very few programs out there that are able to pay family caregivers a small amount. These caregivers work so hard, and it is only fair that they get the financial support that. They need even though in many cases. It may not be possible for you to be paid as a family caregiver. The specific information into how one can be paid cannot be really specified. Considering just how much the health care system tends to differ.

You could take the time and look at a number of government programs that are able to pay family caregivers. There might also be other ways in which you can get help from the government in terms of pay or even when it comes to providing the basic needs to the family member that you are taking care of. If you have an insurance cover, you could also take the time to talk to your insurance company and get to know exactly how they can be able to help you out in such a case. You may be surprised that they are able to offer a number of guidelines and additions which you can end up making use of to your benefit. As much as you may want to take good care of your loved one, looking for your own interests as a caregiver wouldn’t be a bad idea.