6 Ways to Create Special Memories Together with Your Aging Parents

Spend Quality Time with Your Parents

Beyond taking care of their basic needs and ensuring they take their medication, carve out time to do nothing but enjoy each other’s company and making memories together. Simply having a chat at home or taking them to the park or out shopping can make a world of difference to both of you. The bonus is that during your quality time together, you can monitor if there are any changes in their motor, cognitive or communication skills. 

If your parents are still able to be active, it’s a great idea to do their favorite activities with them. Whether they like DIY projects, tinkering with the car, swimming, dancing, fishing or gardening, you can have tons of fun lending them a hand or participating in the hobby with them. You can also play cards or board games with them and volunteer to help them with crossword puzzles that keep their brains active.

Take Photos

While you’re having fun with your parents, remember to capture those moments on camera. You’ll be happy to have these visuals to remind you of the good times you shared together. Put the photographs in an album or an online photo gallery and, best of all, you and your loved one can set up the album together. This will be a stimulating activity that can bring lots of cheer to both of you.

Another wonderful way to bond and keep the memories alive is to make a scrapbook together. When you’re out and about taking part in any activity, select an object that will be a nice memento. This scrapbook can make a great conversation piece and it will tell a story about where you went together or were participating in at the time when the object was found. Be sure to add a note so you and your loved one don’t forget where you got it. 

Look for Opportunities for Adventure

Seniors who have some excitement in their lives tend to have a healthier disposition. New adventures are ideal for mixing things up and keeping your parents vibrant and alert. What have they never tried before? Write a list and schedule time to get immersed in each first-time activity or adventure. The activities you do together can be as simple as trying a new recipe, going sightseeing or volunteering with a charity. These experiences are likely to be highly memorable and will bring joy to you both as you strengthen your bond. You might find that you both enjoy the new activities so much that you want to continue doing them on a regular basis, possibly varying the focus each time, for example having one day each week become your New Recipe Day and you try a new one each time. 

Get Them Active In The Community

Are there neighbors whose company your parents enjoy? Facilitate opportunities for them to hang out together. Offer to provide refreshments and suggest days when you’ll be available to help clean up or provide transportation so they can simply pick a time to have the neighbors over or go on an outing to the park.  

If there are community events in your parents’ area, encourage them to get involved. Whether it’s a bake sale, game night or yard sale, ask them if they would like to take part and find out if they will need a helping hand in any way. Loneliness and a sense of isolation are two of the biggest problems the elderly may face. Get ahead of these potential issues by bringing some camaraderie and laughter into your parents’ lives.

Give Them an Event to Anticipate

Your parents may also love to host family and friends at a dinner or lunch gathering once a year, maybe on a specific holiday. You can add floral arrangements and other touches to make the event special and if your parents help out, they are likely to feel useful and vibrant. When they see everyone enjoying themselves, they will feel very accomplished.

You can also throw them a birthday party every year. Seeing the house decorated and hearing lively music will encourage them to join in the festivities. Include them in the preparations, from ordering items to getting the goodies ready, and you’ll have wonderful memories of working side by side with them to make the party happen.

Capture Their Stories

With a lifetime of experiences and possibly some adventures, your parents will have a treasure trove of life lessons to share. Why not preserve their stories for every generation to come? Ask them what it was like growing up and their transition to adulthood. Dig into jobs they’ve had and places they’ve lived or visited. Let them speak freely and write down or record what they say. It may help to have photographs handy to jog their memory.

You can also gather information to create a family tree. Seeing the finished product is sure to make them smile. Even if you choose to start a family tree project, it is a good idea to also preserve your parents’ funny incidents, sad and joyful times, proudest moments, struggles they overcame, family traditions and stories of their youthful days. 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more precious than time spent with family, especially aging parents. Treasure the time you have with them and be intentional about making memories together and capturing those moments in photos. Give them new adventures and events or festivities to look forward to and ensure they are active in their neighborhood if there are opportunities for them to get involved in community activities. Also preserve their stories, which are sure to be full of wisdom and will help them to create a legacy.