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Doresa Ibrahim, mother of three children, Omare, Malia and Laila, and wife.  She is the only child of her mother and primary caregiver for her since 2012.  

Doresa has a corporate background of software and management consulting, She has traveled extensively helping multi-million dollar organizations grow. 

In 2012, that all changed when her mother suffered a life-altering illness. Doresa changed her career and her lifestyle to match her need for a flexible work schedule. 

Now as a coach and mentor, Doresa cares for her loved ones while helpling solopreneurs and small businesses create a business to support their family, their lifestyle and their future using technology, software and tools.

After boldly overcoming the everyday challenges that face us all, she is passionate about sharing how to gracefully and confidently break-through those barriers and continue to live your best life, doing it your own way.

Doresa Ibrahim


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