A Must-have Checklist To Care For Your Aging Parents

Preparing your parents to age well and providing caregiving can keep them healthier and active. Meanwhile Loving your elderly parents comes naturally and to care for them you need to be physically and mentally prepared. Finally it’s a deep learning curve for anyone who wants to take up this vital responsibility. Then you should not feel any guilt about not knowing how and where to start.

We have compiled a simple checklist that can help you assist. Then Your parents and utilize the potential and impact of your caregiving efforts.

Updated Personal Information!

Personal information should be on the top step in the checklist including the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone number and home address and including the state of residence
  • Marital Status and Health Status
  • Names and numbers of your parent’s doctor, attorney, caregiver and other relevant people.
  • Contact Numbers for family members

Financial Information

Earlier having a clear view of the financial information is of crucial value as. Then this will directly impact the expenses incurred. You may also explore the option of becoming an authorized user of your parent’s account if they are no longer able to manage their finances and enable you to pay bills on their behalf.

  • Source of income – pension funds, social security, annuities, business or employment salaries if applicable.
  • An idea of the monthly and yearly expenses.
  • List of assets and liabilities they own (if any).
  • Contact information of their financial advisor (if applicable).
  • Bank account details and credit card information, awareness of login details.

Estate Planning and Legal Issues 

  • There are a few questions that you would require to have an answer to.
  • If your parents own a will, is it up-to-date or not?
  • Do you know their position on DNR and do they have a living will?
  • Have they looked into advanced directives?
  • Have they designated beneficiaries for the financial accounts?
  • In a situation where your parent’s assets are subjected to estate tax have you spoken to
  • an attorney in this regard?
  • Have you discussed funeral arrangements?

Ultimate Aging Checklist

Proper and Adequate Health and Medical Support

  • A clear understanding of your parent’s health and medical needs is required to effectively run all
  • the processes associated with caregiving planning.
  • Complete paperwork and up-to-date parents’ medical records.
  • Try to attend medical appointments with your parents.
  • Aid your parents to manage prescription refills and utilize any autofill options.
  • Make sure they have a healthcare power of attorney.
  • Long-term care insurance and Life insurance if applicable
  • Know about their health insurance coverage  

Exercise and Nutrition 

Nutrition is the key to healthy living. Later Customized diet plans. Later that can cater to the health needs of your parents are essential for them to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercise bands/home exercise equipment.
  • An example would be exercising from a wheelchair or chair.
  • Customized ready-made meals  


Helping your aging parents is emotionally difficult, but this checklist can relieve you of the stress and pave way for a better lifestyle for your aging parents. That is important that you set aside time for yourself as constantly carrying out responsibilities can deplete your energy. Then consider taking advantage of elderly care services and make your life easier.