3 Home Adjustments That Allow Seniors to Age in Place

Home Improvement It’s hard to accept that your parents or other loved ones are aging and may not be safe at home. However, when you notice that your loved one is falling or struggling. It’s time to take precautions to make the Home Adjustments more accessible and safe. 

By taking safety precautions, you can help your senior loved one to remain at home longer and prevent dangerous falls and accidents in the future. 

These home adjustments can help keep your loved one safe:

Stair Lift

Seniors who have trouble walking or climbing stairs should consider. Hiring a professional to install a home stair lift in New Orleans. Stair lifts are relatively inexpensive and allow seniors to avoid the risks of climbing and descending their stairs each day. Seniors who suffer from arthritis or other physical ailments can especially benefit from a stair lift. Climbing the stairs may aggravate these medical conditions. Whereas a stairlift removes the potential anxiety and physical stress that comes with climbing stairs.


Often, seniors fall in their homes because they cannot properly see the obstacles. To prevent falls, install brighter lights throughout the house, especially in high-traffic areas. Add nightlights to hallways, stairways, bathrooms, or any other location that may be hard to see. Motion-activated or touch-activated lights may also be beneficial for seniors.

Fall-Proof Bathroom

Most household accidents occur in the bathroom. The slick floor of the tub makes it a prime place for seniors to fall. Since bathroom surfaces are hard, even small slips and falls can result in serious injuries. To protect seniors from falls, add safety measures to the bathroom, like slip-resistant mats and well-secured grab bars. 

If your senior loved one has trouble standing for long periods of time. You may also want to add a shower seat to prevent fatigue. If you notice that your senior loved one regularly falls at home, consider making these basic adjustments. 

By contacting a professional to install bathroom grab bars or a home stair lift in New Orleans. You can keep your loved one safe and prevent serious accidents down the road.